The aforementioned Terms and Conditions focuses clearly on the Rules and Regulations for the use of Learnersvalley Website, and its products or services.

  1. It is advised that the website of LearnersValley cannot be accessed, until and unless, all the Terms and Conditions of Learners Valley has been accepted in full.


  • Read, understand and agree to the Pricing information before using the services or register for a Course.
  • The student should be above the age of 18.
  • In case less than 18, it requires the supervision/involvement/approval of a guardian.
  • Children under the age of 13 shall not register for an Account.
  • These children should not purchase any course also.


  1. Candidates are advised not to manipulate in any form the Content/Services of the organization.
  2. These should not be reproduced either in any form.
  3. Manipulation can either be: Defacing/Tarnishing/Mutilating/Hacking/Modifying/Copying/Reverse engineering/Publicly communicating/Creating any derivative work and finally interfering and exploiting some Company content.
  4. Manipulation is also meant for the Services or Courses or Submitted content. This is not in compliance with any specific piece of instruction as mentioned by the Instructor.
  5. Access to the website/content and material present on the Website is not to be done through an unauthorized channel/any other person.
  6. Learners have the cent percent assurance that, once they have purchased the courses, they also have the option to terminate their accounts and finally become inactive.



  1. Registration requires to obtain an account and password.
  2. On registration, the information provided to the candidate will help the LearnersValley team to offer Content, help in the Customer service, Network management and other allied services.
  3. Every candidate is requested to maintain the confidentiality of the generated account, User name and Password. The online whereabouts happening through one specific account is also to be monitored time and again by the candidate.
  4. Once registered, the candidate has to notify immediately regarding the unauthorized use of the Account/Breach of Security.
  5. The candidate should ensure that after accessing the account every time, he/she should exit/log out of the account.  
  6. The candidate is the only sole responsible person in case of any damage, which arises from the failure to comply with the results of the usage of the Account.
  7. LearnersValley will request the candidate to always keep a track on the probable chances of the unauthorized access of their account.
  8. The registered account is the only asset, which is the sole and whole of a candidate.
  9. Every candidate is requested not to transfer his/her account to any other person and also access the account of any other person.
  10. Any person who is authorized to take care of the account of another person, the person should keep a strict vigilance on the online conduct of the specific student.
  11. He should control the student's online access and at the same time keep a check on the consequences of the misuse of that specific account.


  • LearnersValley comprises a gamut of Software technologies, narrowed down to Animations, Illustrations, Audi and Video clips, Designs and materials, Links, Artwork, Reviews, Ideas and additionally the Copyrightable content also.
  • Any type of matter displayed on the page of the LearnersValley is described as Content and when these are being provided as Services without a limitation, then these are addressed as "Company Content".
  • We provide the non exclusive, non transferable and a limited access to use the Company content.
  • Clients need to pay a fees in par with the specific Courses/Services, which will be in accordance with the Terms and Conditions associated with the purchase of these Company content.
  • Purchase of any type of Services/Content grants the consent to the client that the Services can be used only for Personal and Non commercial usage.
  • Any other type of usage requires the Written consent.
  • Our clients are requested not to create, reproduce, redistribute, transmit, assign, broadcast, sell, rent, edit, modify, lend, share and transfer finally the use of any submitted Content/Company Content unless and until there has been an exclusive permission given by the management of LearnersValley.


  1. The student needs to pay the fees for Courses that he/she purchases, and hereby authorizes the LearnersValley team to access the Credit card/Debit card or else Internet banking, in case used at the time of fee payment, for such fees.
  2. All the payments are made to LearnersValley Pvt. Ltd.
  3. Once the courses/Services are purchased by the Student, it is confirmed that the Course materials should be immediately delivered to the student's custody.
  4. By doing this, the candidate is waiving any and all the Cancellation rights under applicable Laws, which are unimplemented by any National Laws.


  1. Cookies are meant to augment the ease of the functionality of the Website.
  2. Cookies are also used by LearnersValley.
  3. The usage of the cookies of LearnersValley is in accordance with the Privacy Policies of LearnersValley.
  4. LearnersValley has its own Intellectual Property Rights for all the materials on LearnersValley.
  5. These rights are solely and decisively reserved.
  6. You may view and/or print pages from http://learnersvalley.com for your own personal use subject to restrictions set in these terms and conditions.
  7. Any material from http://learnersvalley.com shall not be Rented, Sold, Re published or else Sub licensed.


  • Learnersvalley will never replicate/screen/filter/publish or else edit the reviews and Comments prior to their appearance or else the reflection on the website.
  • It is to be noted clearly that LearnersValley is solely not responsible/liable for the damage/loss/sufferings/expenses incurred for the use of and/posting of and/ appearance of these Comments on the website.
  • Any comment, which is found to be in breach of the Terms and Conditions or else found inappropriate/inoffensive will be removed after scrutinized monitoring by the Backend team of LearnersValley.
  • Comments do not breach the Intellectual Property Rights/Patent/Trademark/Proprietary Rights of any third party.
  • We expect the comments to be decent/non offensive/non derogatory as well as something in par with the terms of Law. This is an invasion to Privacy.
  • The Comments are also not meant to promote/solicit business or custom or present commercial activities or unlawful activities.
  • Our clients hereby grant a Non exclusive and Royalty free license to use, authorize, edit and reproduce and also authorize others to do the same in any and/or some other form, formats/Media.


Children who are under the age of 13 are not eligible to register for an account. This will require the consent and approval of the parent/guardian. This can happen only in case the parent/legal guardian is taking the responsibility to open and access the account.


On the other hand, the child user may access the web site only when registered through a specific Educational organization/Coach who has entered directly into a relation with LearnersValley. This also requires the consent of the parent of the child for the use of the website. Additionally, the tie up of the parent needs to be with the third party organization/Coach.



Parents of children who are above 18 years of age can also register a Parent account on the website. This will require the parent to create, register, manage and approve finally the child user accounts only for the children for whom they are the legal guardian. The parent also needs to warrant and represent that he/she is the legal guardian of that specific child. The parent is bound to be agreed by the terms on behalf of such child user. LearnersValley is bound to make further enquiries through Third parties or else take the mandatory steps as and when required in order to validate completely the registration. We are also bound to take any type of legal actions against any person who misrepresnts the personal information. The parent is ought to be liable in case they are untruthful about their identity. 


            As permitted by the applicable law, to the maximum extent, LearnersValley will filter any type of Conditions, Representations and Warranties, which are related to the use of this Website, including, without limitation, any warranties implied by law in respect of satisfactory quality, fitness for purpose and/or the use of reasonable care and skill). This disclaimer will have nothing, which will:

  • Limit/Exclude the liability of the Client/liability of LearnersValley towards fraud/fraudulent representation.
  • Limit the liabilities of either LearnersValley or else our clients, in any way that is not permitted under the Applicable Laws.
  • It will exclude any of our (LearnersValley/clients) Liabilities, that might not be excluded under the applicable Law.
  • These limitations and exclusions of Liability mentioned herein govern all the Liabilities, which is arising under the disclaimer or in relation to the subject matter of this disclaimer. These include Liabilities arising in contract/negligience/Breach of statutory Duty.
  • LearnersValley is not at all liable for any type of damage/loss of any nature incurred against any type of services, which are provided free of cost on the Website.