The terms "Education" and Literacy" are often confused. Moreover, the specific purposes of these two terminologies are often a question of dilemma. In order to fetch a clarity between Education and Literacy, LearnersValley has been established with the thought of Nurturing the Candid Values in Education and bringing it in the Limelight.

Instead of burdening the young minds with stockpiles of Data, this Learning pool is aimed to correlate the already existing knowledge to the Real world scenario and commence the teaching process from the already existing knowledge of the student.

We put the incessant endeavor to chalk the beeline to a smoother pathway, wherein he/she will get the access to Web-Based Courseware, Online Discussion Groups, Live Virtual Classes, Video And Audio Streaming, Web Chats, Online Simulations, and Virtual Mentoring, and therefore providing a Cohesive Virtual Learning Environment.



At LearnersValley we believe in E5, which epitomize Excellence, Educate, Equality, Economically viable and Engage. Keeping these five words under one roof, LearnersValley is aimed to pool the different verticals of Education within a nutshell.


Excellence: Excellence is something towards which LearnersValley is striving at every stepping stone. The complete academic portal which is provided by our team favors, reaching the apex of perfection, which will help you to succeed with flying colors in any type of Entrance/Competitive/Academic examination.


Educate: We are in the process of creating a better human, by inculcating the best values amongst students. The word 'Educate' is meant to focus on the ability of an individual, not only to fetch an opportunity for him/herself but also create more and more vibrant opportunities for the rest.

Equality: LearnersValley aims to, ‘Outreach’ and ‘Preach’ the knowledge to the farthest corners and the most ignored sections of the society. While keeping this parameter in the mind that all the students are equal irrespective of color, caste/creed and gender, every student from any background can become a part of this learning process.

Economically Viable: Educating each and every person for an affordable cost with the help of a complete online access is the primary focus of LearnersValley. Adding to this, we put in the efforts to keep a check that what the students learn from LearnersValley is finally cent percent justified.

Engage: Getting the students engaged in peer to peer interaction and participatory learning, apart from the only, interactive processthrough online is what we have been implementing. Moreover, parents are also looped in the process of their wards’ progressive improvements.



VISION: Focus towards a more Decentralized to a Centralized form of Online Learning and put the impetus on multiple e-Learning technologies, which can prove to be the most student-friendly strategies....


MISSION: In an Education system, which is filled with loads of theoretical inputs to be implemented time and again in the most speedy manner, such a type of Rote learning is ought to be curbed at LearnersValley. As a result, we put in the incessant efforts to implement the most didactic pedagogies (student friendly technologies) of delivering the knowledge in a channelized manner, which will not only streamline the complete process, but also ease the Learning process for the student. It is a continuous method in which the major focus is to make the Learning more and more interactive and fun-filled. Finally, we strive to build up this fundamental in the most affordable price.



PARENTS: Providing the absolute comprehensive knowledge in the most feasible amount, which will be affordable by every section of the society. Parents are also well informed, regarding their childrens’ leap wise progress.


STUDENTS: Establishing a more student-centric platform, wherein students will not only be benefited with the merits of e-Learning but also will they have the access to the continuous mentoring from the Faculty, as well as the proper guidance time and again.


TEACHERS: Serving the Educational purpose as well as striking a balance of the same with regards to the Financial status, Knowledge upliftment and Career prospects of many learned minds is also one of the major focus of LearnersValley..



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Keeping in mind, the current trends in order to accomplish the chores, which will lead finally and ultimately to the Success of the student, LearnersValley opens the door for all the students.


"We create the space, you play, practice, learn and master at your own pace"